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Umeå Int Choir Festival

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Inspiration Day in Utrecht, Netherlands, Sept 27
Inspiration Day in Stockholm, Sweden, Oct 11
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Inspiring rehearsals – choirs

Teacher: Line Groth Riis

How do you get that funky groove, the perfect pitch, the beautiful blend and the powerful expression into your choir music? And how do you make your rehearsals fun and efficient at the same time?

We are going to sing a new arrangement of a catchy pop/rock song. The arrangement will be a simple 3-part piece, which at the same time has a modern and full-bodied sound to it. While singing we will explore different approaches to working with groove, pitch, blend, phrasing and expression. Everybody can join this workshop, but some experience in rehearsing with a choir or a vocal group will be an advantage.
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We recommend

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"Recipes" - by Bob Stoloff
"Circle Songs survival kit" - by Roger Treece

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